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Part no. Brand Qty remark Post date
M24256-BWMN6TP ST 27.5K looking 17/10/2013
M24C04-WMN6TP ST 65K looking 17/10/2013
M24M01-RMN6TP ST 32K looking 17/10/2013
BCM5482SA2IFBG Broadcom 12K wait 18/10/2013
BCM56224B0IPBG Broadcom 1200 wait 18/10/2013
CS82C55AZ Cirrus 500 looking 18/10/2013
NTD3055-150T4G Onsemi  20K looking 18/10/2013
NVD3055-150T4G Onsemi  20K looking 18/10/2013
XC3S400A-5FTG256C Xilinx 90 looking 18/10/2013
XC6SLX45T-3FGG484C Xilinx 360 looking 18/10/2013
S29GL128P11TFIV20  SPANSION 10K wait 18/10/2013
S29GL512P12FFIV13 SPANSION 6K wait 18/10/2013
AF82US15W S LGFQ Intel 1K looking 18/10/2013
ATMEGA2560-16AU Atmel 1080 looking 18/10/2013
MB85RC64PNF-G-JNERE1 Fujitsu 35K looking 18/10/2013
S29GL128S10DHI013 Spansion 5K wait 18/10/2013

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Welcome to receive your daily request, Schedule booking order ,serious shortage ,urgent need or hard to find electronic components. Great Solution Asia always focus in sourcing new and original factory sealed packing electronic components, price should be higher than open packing or reprinted part, but factory sealed part with factory warranty and no risk for the quality problem.


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