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Coll Hong Kong
Address 5/F ,Tower 1,Metro Centre,32 Lam Hing Street,Kowloon,Hong Kong
Phone 852-2707 0612
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Great Solution Asia / Coll Hong Kong are committed to finding electronic components of the best quality all over the world. The company built up a world-wide network of contacts of semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, when sourcing urgent need electronic components or booking order, always quote effective and competitive price.  Customers are welcome to send daily request, schedule order request, request for serious shortage or hard-to-find electronic components.  We focus on brand new original factory sealed parts with manufacturers’ full warranty as there is no risk of quality problem.  On special request, we will also source for non-factory sealed obsolete or serious shortage items according to customer’s specifications.  But, customers ordering non-factory sealed parts would be drawn to the attention that they are at a risk of returning goods of unsatisfactory quality.  Great Solution Asia is manned by experienced and attentive staff to handle each of your inquiry so as to ensure customer satisfaction and to build up a long-term customer relationship.